Excursion place Vranjevina

Excursion Vranjevina was newly renovated in 2015 and is fully picnic acceptable to stay.

Western Papuk, that area east of Daruvar in geological and geomorphological respect is extremely rare in the area of ​​the continental Croatian, since it was built of limestone and dolomite, or the field are formed fluviokarst landforms.

Vranjevina according geodiversity classified as a geomorphological site. Geomorphological sites are small areas with valuable geomorphological relief forms and processes that have scientific, educational, economic, cultural and aesthetic value because of the perception of geomorphological, geological, historical and social factors.

Specificity Vranjevina the tectonic cliffs over which precipitated fossil and recent travertine thickness of up to 2 m. Strmac is 22 m high and was created by tectonic movements or faulting. Source of Vranjevina rises hundred meters from the top of the cliff. Over the cliff overflows and forms a waterfall and tufa. It is assumed that the age of the fossil travertine about 100,000 years ago. For example, at the time arises and travertine at the Plitvice Lakes.

Vranjevina is the closest resort on the slopes of Papuk, 4 km from Daruvar, at 291 m above sea level, close to the mountain lodge “Petrov top”. This is a longitudinal terrace surrounded by forests of beech, hornbeam and oak, with the source of the so-called. “Holy water”. Spring water is carried to the edge of a steep cliff where it seems waterfall twenty meters. Also with the source of the regulated resting on that can be set up tables with benches, grills for outdoor use and so on. With both relief terraces with 300 meters above sea level offers a view of the picturesque landscape, fertile fields, villages and forests.


Tourist Board Daruvar – Papuk is a project of Excursion Vranjevina realized with the support and cooperation of the Croatian Tourist Board, City of Daruvar and Croatian Forests – Forest Office Daruvar.

The aim of the project was to restore the former glory once well-known and respected Excursion, which by its position and natural characteristics of luring visitors, both domestic and from Daruvar area. Revitalization Excursions Vranjevina regulated by the staircase leading to the foot of the falls, made the new benches and tables, there are two barbecues, protective fence at the falls and there are educational boards of Vranjevina. Regulation resorts have managed to tourists during their stay in Daruvar, can go to the most famous excursion, which is from the city center located about an hour of walking, half-way to the ski resort Petrov top, passes through the Daruvar vineyards and can be further acquainted with history and the tradition of this city.