The castle of Count Janković is located in the very centre of town and it is a protected monument of culture (first class) of Croatia. It has also been marked as the most valuable baroque building in Bjelovar-bilogora County.

Julije’s park is one of the oldest spa parks in continental Croatia!
The spa park grew parallel with the spa. The first trees were planted around Antun’s Bath and some of them are still there in the park – e.g. the plane and paulownia tree. The spa guests used to meet and socialize in the park.

Next to the main town square and Daruvar spa there is a natural and healthy park-forest i.e. the Roman forest.The Roman forest is populated with various vegetative and animal worlds that inhabit an area of 20 hectares. Within the forest, the Jewish cemetery and Julius brum, the spring of love, can be found.

Dioš is one of the youngest Slavonian castles situated on the hill with the same name, about 7km north of Daruvar, near the settlement Končanica.

There are two parks in Sirač: a park dedicated to the defenders of Sirač and a park of sculptures which hosts sculpture colonies.

Among the many fortresses scattered across the slopes of Papuk, the old town Sirač is one of the most significant fortresses. The old town Sirač is a medieval Turkish fortress with an altitude type from the 14th century at a notable position – a gulch in the center of the settlement Sirač at the exit of the river Bijela from the massif Papuk.

Pillar and Good house are two fortresses built back in the Middle ages, which were, according to the legend, built by two sisters of noble birth!