Near the town centre, close to the river Toplica and the centuries-old park, there is a sport’s fishing pond “Jezero” which is managed by the Sport fishing society “Toplica”. It is an ideal place for gathering and recreation. The sport fishing pond “Končanica” is also a great place for fishing in one of the oldest fishing ponds in Croatia.

SFS „Toplica“
SFS “Toplica” masters the four fish-ponds in an area of four hectares. The fish-pond “Jezero” is abundant with capital specimens of carp and amur. Ponds “Ciglana” in municipality Đulovac, “Izvor” in Maslenjača and “Crnaja” in municipality Končanica mostly angler the carps and amurs.
In the river “Toplica” which passes through the town, as well as in rivers “Bijela” and “Pakra” which are in the municipality Sirač, the dominant fish is trout. You can buy daily and annual permits for fishing in Daruvar and the surrounding area in in the club premises of the sport fish-pond “Jezero” and let yourself enjoy the pleasure of fishing and spending time in nature.

Sport fishing pond “Končanica”
It is located along the river Ilova, in the region of Končanica and it is among the oldest ponds. Building of the ponds started in 1900 on the forest fields and meadows, on an area of 1 470 hectares with the length of 12 kilometres. Of the total 1 470 hectares, the production area occupies 1 000 hectares.
Along with the production of freshwater fish (the products are mainly carp, pike, perch, etc.) the Pond “Končanica” masters the common hunting ground of the forest and agriculture land and the game farm on the pond are, along with providing active recreation through recreational fishing in an environmentally – preserved nature and a healthy environment. Although it has a modest production, the ponds “Končanica” are the holder of the development of this area.